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About Kaduthuruthy

Kaduthuruthy (some times referred as Kaduthuruthi) is a small town in Kottayam District, Kerala, South India. The name Kaduthuruthi originated from ‘Kadal thuruth’ meaning near to the beach as it is believed that centuries back, Arabian sea was in close proximity to the place. It is a center of pilgrimage, as many pilgrims visit the Mahadeva Temple, otherwise known as Thali Temple, each year. There are several other well-known temples in the area.

Mahadeva temple is one among the famous three temples which Khara (of the Khara Dhooshana demon duo) of Ramayana built along with Ettumanoor and Vaikom. A visit to three temples on the same day is believed to be very auspicious. The first Sandesh Kavyam(Message in Poetry) in Malayalam originated in Kaduthuruthy called "Unnineeli Sandesham". The author was member of one of the Travancore Royal Families. Kaduthuruthy is blessed with picturesque nature and ecosystem. It is a transit point between the hilly middle region of Kerala and back water coastal land.

The famous sun temple Adityapuram is 3 kilometers away from Kaduthuruthy. The other famous temple in the nearby region is Thiruvayamkudy Mahadeva temple at Ayamkudy

The Chief Justice of Indian Supreme Court Mr. K G Balkrishnan is native of Kaduthuruthy.
Advocate Monce Joseph, the youngest minister in Kerala's present Left Democratic Front ministry belongs to Kaduthuruthi legislative Assembly.

More about Kaduthuruthy

Kaduthuruthy is a famous pilgrim center of Kottayam District and is on the Kottayam–Vaikom road.

Kaduthuruthy is well known in the history books as carturte, caduthurutha, and sindhu dweepam which means a place surrounded by sea. It was a very famous port and commercial center in ancient days called as ‘Kadanthery.’ Historical evidences reveal that Kaduthuruthy was the capital city of Vadakancore kingdom in AD 1754.

The main attractions are the Kaduthuruthy Mahadev Temple and Kaduthuruthy Valiapalli, one of the most famous churches in South India built in 5th century AD. Other places of worship in the vicinity are Adhithyapuram Surya Temple, Malliyur Ganapathi Temple, Subramanyaswami Temple at Iravimangalam and Kailasapuram Temple.

Kaduthuruthy is about 25 km from Kottayam and 15 km from Vaikom.

Kaduthuruthy Mahadeva Temple

The temple is situated mid-way between Vaikom and Ettumanoor. Kaduthuruthy is a small town, the northern and western parts of which are spread over by Vembanattu backwaters. During the tenth century this place was under the administration of Pandya Kings. However, it was divided into Vadakkumkoor and Thekkumkoor. Kaduthuruthy became the headquarters of Vadakkumkoor dynasty. The rulers were the supporters of Zamorins. When Marthanda Varma conquered Vadakkumkoor, he showed respect to the rulers by giving them pensions. Gradually this dynasty was declined and removed from the pages of Kerala history.

As it has been mentioned earlier in this book when describing the history of the Vaikom temple, Kharasura had got three idols of which the one he took in his mouth, had been placed at Kaduthuruthy, marking the origin of a temple on the top of a small hill. Now this temple comes under the Travancore Devaswom Board.

The Sivalinga of the temple faces to the east. It is the smallest of the three Sivalingas, only 3” tall. The mandapam in front of the shrine has got an array of wood carvings. The story of ‘Karthaveerarjuneeyam' has been carved and displayed here with architectural elegance. About 300 years ago most part of the temple was consumed by fire, but the mandapam, with its splendid carvings, was remained unhurt. While the fire was spreading out, the chief priest clasped the idol at his breast and cried aloud, but the flames of fire had put an end to his life. An idol of this chief priest had been erected at the northern part of the shrine in order to commemorate the event. At the southern side there stands an idol of Sree Ganapathy. Besides, Dharma Sastha, Goddess Durga had also been placed at the temple.

One Vadakkumkoor Rajah used to worship the three deities at Kaduthuruthy, Vaikom and Ettumanoor on the same day but because of his old age he could not continue it. Instead, he made arrangements at Kaduthuruthy temple for the placement of the other two deities also. As a result, Ettumanoorappan was placed at the southern gate and Vaikathappan at the north. So it is believed that the devotees will get the triple benefit by worshipping the deity at the Kaduthuruthy temple.

A ceremonial 10 day festival is conducted at the temple every year, but it is not so famous as the one at Vaikom or Ettumanoor. In olden days when the place was under the rule of Vadakkumkoor dynasty and anna festival lasting for twenty eight days was celebrated at the temple, but gradually it came to an end.

In fact, it was under the reign of Maha Rani Sethu Lekshmi Bai that the festival had been revived. She enforced orderliness and punctuality in the temple observances. Though in the eighteenth century Vadakkumkoor dynasty had become the part of Travancore, the family deity of the Rajah had fallen into misfortune. It was difficult for the priests to meet with the daily expenses of the temple, and this condition lasted for nearly a century. But a change had occurred when the two families Mangalathur (Panicker) and Thazhathu (Kaimal) came forward and helped financially to maintain the decorum of the temple. Consequently much progress had been achieved. Now it is one of the major temples that come under the Travancore Devaswom Board.

Malliyoor MahaGanapathi Temple

Malliyoor MahaGanapathi Temple is located at Kaduthuruthy in Kottayam District. The presiding deity is Maha Ganapathi.

The Malliyoor Maha Ganapathy Temple is believed to have come into existence much before the Perumals exercised their sway over the southern peninsula.

The deity here is conceptualised as Beeja Ganapathi, the trunk twisted rightward and carries on its tip a lemon, the hands hold an axe, a rope, a horn and a laddu can. The Vaishnava spirit permeates the entire atmosphere.

To reach Malliyoor temple by bus alite Kuruppanthara Junction in Kottayam - Ernakulam Road, (MC Road). Temple is 2 km away from the Junction.